JNU MA Sociology Entrance: Preparation Strategy, Question papers, Syllabus, Books

Preparation for JNU MA Sociology Entrance Exam: It is a dream for many students to get enrolled in a prestigious institute of their country to build their career, and Jawaharlal Nehru University is one such university that attracts students to seek admission and gear up their careers. But getting into JNU isn’t easy, which is … Read more

DU MA Sociology Entrance Exam Guide: Books, Questions Papers

Delhi School of Economics ( DSE) MA Sociology Entrance Exam – Tips, Tricks and Strategy Delhi University(DU) is one of the most sought after Central Universities of the country. Every year, the University receives thousands of application forms from the students all over the country to get enrolled into various departments of the University. To … Read more

What is counterculture and Give Examples? Explained

It means a way of leading life and having an attitude that is different or opposes social norms. It is a subculture whose values are different from the prevailing culture of the society. It also means to protest against a present social situation or issue and having a rebellious opinion against the way of doing … Read more

The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills – Meaning, Types and Explanation

C. Wright Mills, a famous sociologist published the book “The Power Elite” in the year 1956. It focuses on the interlinked interests of leaders of military, corporate etc. As per Mills, the term “Power Elite” which is commonly used in his book stands for the individuals who usually hold the dominant post in supreme institutions … Read more

Slums: History, Characteristics, Types, and, Approaches to Slum Problems

Sociology of Slums: The study of Urban Human Settlements in the Post- Liberalization Era Introduction: The Post- Liberalization era has led to prominent changes in ecology. The world’s population living in cities and towns has grown from 5% to 50% and urbanization has been blamed for this phenomenon. This process of rapid urbanization which started … Read more

What is Social Stratification? Definition, Types, Theories and Examples

Social Stratification: Introduction and Overview A society where stratification does not exist is a sentence which will always be illogical and untrue. Now the question is what stratification is. A system which has been followed by society from a generation in which there is some kind of classification between people in the name of race, … Read more

Max Weber: Biography and Contributions to The Sociology

A German sociologist, philosopher, political economist, and Jurist, Maximilian Karl Emil Max Weber came in this world on the 21st of April 1864 and took his last breath on the 14th of June 1920. He is also known as Max Weber. He was said to be an influencer and his ideas caused many social theories … Read more