What is Ethnomethodology? Write a Short notes

Ethnomethodology, literally meaning people’s methodology, is the method by which people study the social order in which they live. The term when broken down into three parts can be explained as ethno, which means a specific socio-cultural group, method, which refers to those methods, and techniques that this group uses to negotiate everyday life situations, … Read more

What is Genealogy ? Write a Short note ( Sociology of Kinship )

Genealogy refers to the record of the history of the family or the tracing of the family’s lineages. It can also be called the study of descent for an individual, or a family constituting the family tree. Oral interviews from informants, historical records, analyzing the genetics, and some other methods are used in order to … Read more

What is heterosexism? Write a Short Note and Examples

Heterosexism is the belief that heterosexuality is the normal social sexual orientation against homosexuality which then leads to discrimination and prejudice against the homosexuals. Homosexuality can be understood as the quality of being attracted solely to people who are of one’s own sex while heterosexuality is the quality of being attracted solely to people of … Read more

JNU MA Sociology Entrance: Preparation Strategy, Question papers, Syllabus, Books

Preparation for JNU MA Sociology Entrance Exam: It is a dream for many students to get enrolled in a prestigious institute of their country to build their career, and Jawaharlal Nehru University is one such university that attracts students to seek admission and gear up their careers. But getting into JNU isn’t easy, which is … Read more

DU MA Sociology Entrance Exam Guide: Books, Questions Papers

Delhi School of Economics ( DSE) MA Sociology Entrance Exam – Tips, Tricks and Strategy Delhi University(DU) is one of the most sought after Central Universities of the country. Every year, the University receives thousands of application forms from the students all over the country to get enrolled into various departments of the University. To … Read more

The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills – Meaning, Types and Explanation

C. Wright Mills, a famous sociologist published the book “The Power Elite” in the year 1956. It focuses on the interlinked interests of leaders of military, corporate etc. As per Mills, the term “Power Elite” which is commonly used in his book stands for the individuals who usually hold the dominant post in supreme institutions … Read more