Sociology Important Questions and Answers for Exams – A level

How do you write a good answer in sociology? An Open to All Answer Writing Initiative!  Stratification Questions Discuss inequality with suitable examples what is gendered stratification? discuss with suitable examples Critically examine a functionalist approach to social stratification. How is marxism’s notion of class different from the Weberian notion of class? Kinship Questions Discuss … Read more

100 Sociology MCQs Quiz for MA, M.Phil, and PhD entrance exams

Practise Sociology MCQs  1. Social Strain Theory associated with a. Robert K. Merton b. Karl Marx c. Max Weber d.  Durkheim 2. Pattachitra is an old traditional art of  a. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh b. Maharasthra and Gujurat c. Kerala and Karnataka d. Odisha and West Bengal 3.  Patua Sangeet or Poter Gan is a cultural tradition of … Read more

What is Upward Mobility: Meaning, Types and Examples

Our society is often divided into various social strata. Upward mobility refers to the movement of individuals, families, or any other categories of people from one social level or stratum to a higher one. Due to this movement, the social status of people involved in the movement, improve along with the change in their social … Read more

What is Ethnomethodology? Write a Short notes

Ethnomethodology, literally meaning people’s methodology, is the method by which people study the social order in which they live. The term when broken down into three parts can be explained as ethno, which means a specific socio-cultural group, method, which refers to those methods, and techniques that this group uses to negotiate everyday life situations, … Read more

What is Genealogy ? Write a Short note ( Sociology of Kinship )

Genealogy refers to the record of the history of the family or the tracing of the family’s lineages. It can also be called the study of descent for an individual, or a family constituting the family tree. Oral interviews from informants, historical records, analyzing the genetics, and some other methods are used in order to … Read more

What is heterosexism? Write a Short Note and Examples

Heterosexism is the belief that heterosexuality is the normal social sexual orientation against homosexuality which then leads to discrimination and prejudice against the homosexuals. Homosexuality can be understood as the quality of being attracted solely to people who are of one’s own sex while heterosexuality is the quality of being attracted solely to people of … Read more