Analyzing Migration and Diaspora through Film and Literature

Introduction: Migration and Diaspora studies are more relevant than ever today, with approximately 4 percent of the world’s population or 272 million international migrants globally; according to the United Nations (2020). Roughly 17 million Indians live abroad, making India the world’s‘ largest source country for international migrants globally’; an increase by 143 percent from 1990, … Read more


The planet earth and human species have a deeply interconnected relation, wherein they influence each other’s activities. In the last few centuries associated with the industrial revolution, the activities of humans have had a significant impact on the environment, leading to the phenomenon of Global warming and subsequently, Climate Change. This phenomenon of climate change has impacted natural … Read more

10 Famous Leftist Writers From India You Should Know

Leftist writers: ‘The left’ is a broad term that describes a set of politics and ideologies that advocate egalitarianism or state control of the major institutions of political and economic life (Editors of Encyclopedia, 2020). Historically, the divide between left and right can be traced back to the seating arrangements French National Assembly during the … Read more

Sexual Violence and Caste System: Attacks on Dalit Women

The caste system in India is the basis for the hierarchical division of society and the elements of it facilitate inequality. Attempts have been made to define the institution but due to its variance in society, a concrete definition is yet to be reached. M.N. Srinivas describes the caste system as “a hereditary, usually localised … Read more