10 Reasons Why it’s Important to Study Sociology and Scope

Sociology is an academic discipline that is vital to be studied in our rapidly progressing and changing world. The study of societies is important as every society has their own unique characteristics and histories that define the lives of people that belong to them. Sociology helps understand various human and social perspectives in which individual … Read more

Three Major Sociological Perspectives on War and Society

Synopsis: War has been an integral part of human civilization as it has significant consequences on individuals, relations and systems in society. The concept of war, strategies and its function as a means of conflict resolution for international disputes have been widely studied under the fields of political science and international relations. However, considering its … Read more

Structural Functionalism: Definition, Theories and Criticism

Synopsis: Structural functionalism is considered to be a prominent classical sociological perspective. It is a macro-level theory concerned with large-scale social structures and social institutions. Structural functionalism as an explanatory theory has lost its significance in the contemporary era. Nevertheless, it is a significant theoretical perspective in social sciences. This article presents an insight into … Read more

Sociology of Crime: Crime is a Social Phenomenon

There is a connection between criminology and sociology because it is impossible to understand crime without studying the larger society. The idea of crime derives from the concept of deviance in society. Deviance involves breaking a social norm and evoking negative reactions from others. Some norms are considered more serious, and some are turned into … Read more