Understanding our society through Durkheim’s Division of Labour

Emile Durkheim, in his book ‘The Division of Labour in Society’; talks about the relationship between individuals and society and explores the division of labour as a function. The French sociologist observed how society has changed right from the primitive ages to the post-modern world. Published in 1893; the book is responsible for developing various … Read more

A Reflective Note on Emile’s Durkheim’s ‘The Division of Labour in Society’

The theory of the division of labour was proposed in 1776 by Adam Smith, foreseeing the essential capitalistic need for occupational specialisation, to improve productivity in the upcoming industrial world. He highlighted the economic dependency on the division of labour. However, over a century later, in 1893, Emile Durkheim wrote The Division of Labour in … Read more

What are Social Facts? Explained

social facts-types and meaning

Emile Durkheim, a pioneer of the discipline of Sociology, from France introduced the concept of Social fact. In layman’s terms, anything that restricts the activity of the individual from outside is a social fact. A simple example would be Religion, which influences or restricts individual actions in society. Though the concept has been reasonably criticized … Read more