How To Apply Sociology In Everyday Life: Explained Real Examples

Sociology is the study of society through many theoretical perspectives. The most important lesson of sociology is that society is not an external object to be studied. Instead, all of us are active members of society and constantly influence it. Thus, sociology can be applied in everyday life by all members of society. This article … Read more

Sociology Important Questions and Answers for Exams – A level

How do you write a good answer in sociology? An Open to All Answer Writing Initiative!  Stratification Questions Discuss inequality with suitable examples what is gendered stratification? discuss with suitable examples Critically examine a functionalist approach to social stratification. How is marxism’s notion of class different from the Weberian notion of class? Kinship Questions Discuss … Read more

Grammarly Review 2023: Is Grammarly really worth it?

Here’s my Grammarly review, I have been using Grammarly for almost two years now. I wanted to write this review to share my experience over the years with this application.  What is Grammarly? Grammarly is an online writing assistant and grammar checker, which acts as a safety net from typos and mistakes. It helps in … Read more

What is Critical Thinking? Here’s everything you need to know

Critical thinking refers to making reliable judgments through the objective analysis of factual information. The term ‘critical’ is derived from the Greek word kritikos that means discerning. What Does A Critical Thinker Do? They formulate vital questions relevant to analyzing problems. For example, a graduate student looking for an internship might ask whether the internship … Read more

Rosa Luxemburg’s Imperialism: Links to Marxism and Applications

Introduction: With the passage of time, the word ‘imperialism’ and it’s meaning has evolved. The literature available on imperialism indicates that in order to understand the meaning of the imperialism, it is necessary to take into consideration the cultural context. For example, the German meaning attached to imperialism is significantly different from its British meaning. … Read more