Conceptualising a New Sociology of Pandemics

ABSTRACT: Over the last year, the entirety of the world was made to come to an unprecedented stand-still. Naturally, plenty of attempts have been made to understand the nuances of this event called the COVID 19 pandemic from the lens and purview of social institutions such as the scientific, technological, medical and public health entities. … Read more

10 Great Woman Sociologists and Their Contributions

The women scholars of Sociology have gained little to no recognition, despite their contributions in shaping prominent subfields of sociological enquiry. Moreover, male dominance in the field of Sociology has resulted in a flawed representation of women and their struggle, very often overshadowing their role in society, home as well as in academia. Hence, it’s … Read more

The Sociology of Artificial Intelligence: Explained

The Sociology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the application of machine intelligence techniques to social phenomena (Bainbridge et al, 1994). It includes methods of analysing social data that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further its work. With the advent of AI and consequent development, sociologists have engaged in the implementation of the same to understand … Read more