History of the Black Panther Party

Even though this movement is known by the name “Black Panther Party”, its original name which is unheard of is ”Black Panther Party for Self-Defence”.

  • This revolutionary movement was actually founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.
  • This event took place in Oakland, California.
  • The Panthers of this party eventually merged with the Marxists in order to fight for common goals like arming of all African Americans, exemption of African Americans from all of the drafts as well as all the types of sanctions etc.
  • It was an African American party and its main aim was to vigil the neighborhood of the African Americans and guards the people living there from the police and their ferocious acts dominant on the residents.
  • They often faced economic and social inequality even though they were was a passing of civil rights in the 1960’s.
  • This Black Panther Party was truly different from another cultural nationalist movement on many points.
  • As for the people of this party, there was a difference between racist and non-racist whites.
  • The ones who stood amongst the non-racist whites, the citizens of this group tried to align themselves with their ideas.
  • The members of this party were against the capitalist and the elites who often took advantage of the African American working class.
  • In fact, some tactful tips like symbolic systems and language and imagery were suggested by the cultural nationalists which were rejected by the party members.
  • As for them, all of that was useless which wouldn’t lead them to liberation.
  • The party members used their constitutional right to bear arms in order to stand for the opposition of the Mulford Act.
  • This party movement became a model for the frustrated Dalits of India.
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