Malgudi School Days: Book Review, Summary and Analysis

Malgudi School Days: This was a splendid read and took me about eight hours to finish. This is a classic, you don’t have to be a child to relate to it. Through my book review, I will be talking about the author, my favourite character and a critical analysis of a few parts. I will … Read more

Amartya Sen: Biography and Contributions [Capability Approach]

In this article, I’ll be exploring the life of the famous economist and philosopher Amartya Sen. I will be tracing his life through his publications and teaching career. His work on famines, the capability approach and choice of technique has been looked at in brief. His opinion on politics, in general, has also been noted down, to … Read more


This article is going to explore ten sociological concepts ( explained with simple examples) that everyone should know about. 10 SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS SOCIAL STRATIFICATION: It refers to the categorization of groups into a hierarchy base on their socio-economic conditions like wealth, income, caste, race, etc. In western Societies, social stratification exists in three layers: The upper class, … Read more

The Sociology of Water: Commodification, Privatisation and its impact on disadvantaged communities

The Sociology of Water - Commodification, Privatisation and its impact on disadvantaged communities (1)

In this article, I’ll be looking at water scarcity from a sociological perspective. Shortage of water has been the topic of various articles and papers, but this piece will be exploring the Sociology of water. I will be exploring the consequences of the water crisis(concerning commodification and privatization) specifically on disadvantaged communities like the underprivileged community and women. Conserving … Read more