The planet earth and human species have a deeply interconnected relation, wherein they influence each other’s activities. In the last few centuries associated with the industrial revolution, the activities of humans have had a significant impact on the environment, leading to the phenomenon of Global warming and subsequently, Climate Change. This phenomenon of climate change has impacted natural … Read more

Three Major Sociological Perspectives on War and Society

Synopsis: War has been an integral part of human civilization as it has significant consequences on individuals, relations and systems in society. The concept of war, strategies and its function as a means of conflict resolution for international disputes have been widely studied under the fields of political science and international relations. However, considering its … Read more

Medical Sociology: Definition, History, Scope, Perspectives

The branch of sociology that deals with the study and analysis of medical organizations and institutions, and how social and cultural factors affect the domains of health and medicine, in sociological terms is called medical sociology. It is sometimes, also referred to as health sociology. Overview It helps in producing knowledge about various methods, the … Read more


CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES: All disciplines study the subject through different perspectives. These help in providing unique or objective insights into the field that is studied. There are many sociological perspectives that have evolved over time across its sub-fields. However, the three classical theories remain popular and applicable to various societies and the interactions within them. … Read more