Diplomacy and all of its associated procedures are frequently depicted in films about international politics. As a result, the following list seeks to condense the most intriguing, inspirational, but also critical films about diplomats, diplomatic operations, and overt and covert discussions into 10 selections. The list is not intended to represent any political viewpoint. In … Read more

Civil Society: Development, Characteristics & Significance

Introduction: One of the important characteristics of modern society is the differentiation of social life into different spheres, such as the family, the economy, civil society, and the state. Unlike this, pre-modern societies were less differentiated and the functions (social, economic, political, cultural) were all under the ambit of one head or a few institutions … Read more

Theories of International Relations: Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism

Theories of international relations help us better comprehend how international systems function and also how states interact with one another and perceive global aspects. Diplomatic officials and international relations scholars frequently employ international relations theories, which range from liberal, justice-based approaches to simple realist notions, to determine the path that a nation should take concerning … Read more

American Civil War (Summary): History, Causes, Events

The American Civil War Summary: The United States has a short history. It is dominated by two interconnected events, which are both wars. The first was the late-eighteenth century Revolutionary War, and the second was the mid-nineteenth-century Civil War. Although the first event is celebrated widely for providing the country with its independence, the American … Read more

Sociology of Architecture or Architectural Sociology – Overview

Sociology of architecture or architectural sociology is a sub-field of sociology that focuses on societal functioning and relations based on their built environment and architecture. Using systematic and analytic methods, it puts into perspective the concepts of spatial relations, architecture’s influence on relations, behaviours of humans. Historically, sociologists have used different approaches to the study … Read more