Analyzing the Marina in Chennai- A city of Sand

Introduction: Post the 1990’s, after the launch of economic neo-liberalization in India, a new elite middle class was formed; which guided state-led policies of spatial re-organization and purification. For a country like India that aspires to join the global network and attain a world-class status, the image of the city becomes crucial to attract capital … Read more

Analyzing Migration and Diaspora through Film and Literature

Introduction: Migration and Diaspora studies are more relevant than ever today, with approximately 4 percent of the world’s population or 272 million international migrants globally; according to the United Nations (2020). Roughly 17 million Indians live abroad, making India the world’s‘ largest source country for international migrants globally’; an increase by 143 percent from 1990, … Read more

Migration and Caste In India

India’s caste system is among the world’s oldest forms of surviving social stratification (“What is India’s caste system?”, 2019). The caste system in India has existed for eons now and while some claim caste-based discrimination does not take place anymore, it is very much alive and kicking. Most scholars believe that occupation, survival of tribal … Read more