Sociological Perspectives on Food and Eating

Food For Thought: Sociological Perspectives on Food and Eating For a long time, food was viewed as no more than a biological requirement. But over time, scholars have discovered that eating is a central aspect of socialization. This article discusses the contributions of five major sociologists and anthropologists to the study of food as a … Read more

Are Women Bad Drivers?

The stereotype that women are worse drivers than men is age-old and still continues in today’s time. But what is the definition of a good driver? Is it someone who drives safely, efficiently or fast? This article discusses the stereotype of women driving badly by looking at statistics from around the world. What The Research … Read more

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: Meaning and Theories

The topics of race and ethnicity have often been discussed in various academic and social circles. This article covers a short description of both these concepts. Afterwards, it lists various sociological theories related to race and ethnicity such as that of double consciousness, racial formation theory, systemic racism, internal colonialism, the theory of intersectionality and … Read more

Vandana Shiva: Biography and Contributions

Dr.Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned ecological feminist and activist who has campaigned against GMOs, intellectual property rights and free trade. Time magazine named Dr. Shiva an “environmental hero” in 2003. This article outlines her early life and education and then moves on to her various fields of activism. Afterwards, the institutions founded by her have … Read more

How To Apply Sociology In Everyday Life: Explained Real Examples

Sociology is the study of society through many theoretical perspectives. The most important lesson of sociology is that society is not an external object to be studied. Instead, all of us are active members of society and constantly influence it. Thus, sociology can be applied in everyday life by all members of society. This article … Read more