A symphony of meditative verses adorned in the hues of forget-me-not blue, softly whispering life’s secrets into our eager ears! In ‘The Blue Whale Sings From Afar,’ Mexico-based poet Josefina Bérard crafts verses softly, just like, in her own words, some ‘‘unicorns floating on the sea” under four primary themes, each embodying a different season. … Read more

Sociology of Modern Risks – Risk Society!

Ulrick Beck (1944-2015) was an eminent German Sociologist of contemporary times. He is better known for his influential work entitled, ‘The Risk Society’ wherein he talked about the insecurities and risks produced by the late industrial society. Originally, this top-notch work was published in 1986 in German language and later on it got translated into … Read more

Multiculturalism: A comparison of the US and Canadian Society

What is Multiculturalism? For a lay person’s understanding, multiculturalism is simply the acceptance of several cultures within a single nation or area. Although multiculturalism might be a philosophy or a policy, it is really more of a way of life. In addition, multiculturalism is a sociological viewpoint that acknowledges the relevance of cultural groups in … Read more

Sociology of Indian Daily Soaps

Television plays a significant part in entertaining the masses yet it also goes beyond being mere form of entertainment, for it can help bring social changes in society. Nonetheless, the social changes might be positive as well as negative. India, has the world’s largest television system, here, serials not just serve as the mode of … Read more