List of Scientific Instruments from Quadrant to Wavemeter

List from quadrant to wavemeter Quadrant uses to measure altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy Radar uses to detect the direction and range of an approaching airplane by  means of radio waves like range, angle, direction, and radio Radiomicrometer uses to measure heat radiation Refractometer uses to measure refractive indices Salinometer uses to determine salinity of solutions … Read more

List of Scientific Instruments from Dilatometer to pyrometer

Dilatometer uses to measure changes in the volume of substances. Dynamometer uses to measure electrical power Dynamo used to convert mechanical energy into Electrical enerygy Electro encephalo grameg (EEC) uses to measure and  recording electrical activity of brain Electrometer uses to measure very small but potential difference in electric currents Electricscope uses to detect presence of an … Read more

List of Scientific Instruments and Its Uses

Altimeter uses for Measuring attitudes Ammeter uses for measuring strength of electric current Anemometer uses for measuring force and velocity of wind and direction Audiometer uses for measuring intensity of sound Barograph uses for recording  of atmospheric pressure Barometer uses for measuring atmospheric pressure. Binoculars uses for viewing distant objects Bolometer uses to measure heat … Read more

Short Note on Bio Technology – Its Applications and Theories

BIO TECHNOLOGY: The use of living organisms&living process in engineering,technology, medicine & other fields come under applicative part of biology. Applications  1.theraptics 2.Diagnostics 3.genetically modified crop based agriculture 5.waste treatment 6.Energy production Research of biotechnology-Down stream process technologies to purify the protein/organic compound. Similar terms to modern uses –genetic engineering &cell &tissue culture technologies … Read more