Pressure Groups: Definition, Types, Characteristics, Functions, Examples

Pressure groups are defined as organised groups that have a strong influence on the public and the making of government policies. They are different from official government parties as they do not present themselves as electoral candidates. Harry Eckstein has defined this as “…any organized group that attempts to influence government decisions without seeking to … Read more

Changing pattern of Hindu Joint Family

So, here comes the critical question again. Do the changing family patterns of Hindu families affect their lives in a negative way? And is it really changing at all or just seems so. In ancient times, the Hindu families lived in a joint structure. Up to four generations of a family lived in the same … Read more

Motivation Speech for Social Change

Social meaning society, science meaning knowing about the society or our relation with it. We were small cells of the society have a great part to contribute towards it. Many of us usually think about what will society think if i do something which is wrong in the eyes of others. But who are these … Read more