What is an Acculturation – Explained with Examples

It is clearly evident that many communities practice different religion and customs stay together in one country. Acculturation is a basic process in which people of different cultures meet people of different cultures. In the process of meeting them, they tend to know each other’s norms, beliefs, customs, values, and behavior. It can be understood … Read more

Accommodation: Definition, Meaning and Examples

Accommodation in simple words means staying together of different individual altogether in a place. People of adaptive nature get themselves comfortable in any place at a faster rate than other people. It is not necessary to not have any conflict between members if they are staying together. But when people are either working for an … Read more

The New Phase of Life – Must Read Poem !

Synopsis and Poem shared by Nandini:  This poem basically tells that life is a journey which has started now without my mother. I have a lot of companions surrounding me but still, I feel alone without her. Title: The New Phase of Life  Journey begins all alone; Away from my mommy. Yet surrounded with my cohorts, In halls … Read more

Tribes and Adivasi – Characteristics, Cultures, Societies

Tribes,  Adivasi, Characteristics, Cultures, Societies The word ‘tribe’ takes its origination from the old French tribe, referring Roman Ancient States (Ramnes, Tities, Luceres). Historically Tribes have existed as social groups comprising of distinct people dependent on their regional land for their livelihood and their self-sufficiency makes them partially independent of being integrated into the national … Read more