Ambedkar’s Economic Thoughts – Explained

D.R.B.R.  AMBEDKAR  is an economist of all time, but his economic thoughts have not been read, followed and propagated. He is a multifarious genius but surprisingly his economic thoughts remained unknown even to great personalities. The reasons can be 1. INTELLECTUAL SLAVERY: That means Indians quite often quote foreign authors neglecting the contributions of Indians. … Read more

What are Tribals Rights and why we need to proctect it

India’s population includes nearly one hundred million tribals. These numbers are matched only by the remarkable diversity of India’s tribes. The two main regions of a tribal settlement are the country’s northern states bordering China, Burma, The Highlands and plains of its central and southern regions. Recently, Rasai Khaimah Investment Authority(RAKIA) and Emirati investor, initiated … Read more

What is MTP Act, 1971 and Features, Background and Amendments

Medical Termination of Pregnancy, MTP Act Background of MTP act: The Indian penal code(enacted in 1860  a law(British law)  declared that induced abortion would be illegal with the exception being made if abortion is done to protect the life of women. Because of these 2 things happened: 1.illegal abortion rate went up 2.went against the … Read more

Inclusive Growth: Barriers and Ways to achieve Financial Inclusion

 Inclusive Growth and Financial Inclusion Inclusive growth defined as the equitable allocation of resources during the process of economic growth with benefits incurring to every section of society is the key to Financial Inclusion.              According to Rangarajan Committee,2008 financial inclusion is providing access to financial services at an affordable … Read more

Notes on Agriculture: Subsidy, Schemes, Jan Dan Yojana, Adhaar

India is rich in minerals, fertile lands, rivers, deltas and many other resources including high demographic dividend, young minds of investment, agriculture and textiles as major income yielding resources of India. So undoubtedly there must be the intervention of government in some way to boost the economy and for full utilization of these resources, where … Read more

Short Notes on Indian Farmers: technology, benefits, crop insurance, schemes

In spite of the major importance given both in terms of institutional and policy methodology right from the 1950s, the Indian farmer’s Agriculture has taken a back track on growth progress with a meager  3.2℅ of agri-GDP growth. The reason for the same can be different from one state to other but on a broad … Read more