understanding god’s will

We live in a world where we encounter different types of people, different types of situations, an overwhelming array of problems and equally fascinating solutions to them. The world consists of both good and evil. But now, the question arises, why evil? Why does the world consist of evil people?

god's will understanding

As saddening it is, good and evil are two sides of a coin which maintain the required balance in the world. It is said, “to err is human”. There can’t be a human who did not do anything wrong. There can’t be a society consisting only of good people. There has to be evil, there has to be suffering and there has to be justice.

This justice is given by God. Whenever evil surpasses humanity, there is a God who balances it. He is omnipotent and omniscient but He won’t tolerate everything. Yes, He is benevolent and merciful but only to those who abide by His rules. When human actions create disturbances in His creations, He sets everything right. He has his own ways to show his wrath and wreak havoc on humankind. God’s ways are mysterious. He has a plan for everyone and everything.

When the Earth heats up and you feel like burning in this heat, when the earth shakes with all its might and you feel it will crack up and take you inside, when water gets out of human control and destroys civilizations, when the seas submerge everything in their fury, when volcano erupts and its lava burns down everything in its way, when the winds get infuriated and take away everything with them, God has asked them to do so. Then you know you are paying for your sins, you are facing his wrath and there is no escape.

God is Almighty. His will is supreme and those who go against Him will suffer the repercussions.

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