Social Medicine: A complementary to Medical science 

Decades ago being sick was a medical phenomenon and no other discipline had anything to intervene there. Medical Science engrossed this field. But during the 18th and 19th century, various other discipline started to intervene in the medical field. Public Health emerged to ensure peoples health rights and define risk factors, distribution, the pathogenesis of … Read more

Foucault’s Governmentality: Summary Notes

The famous philosopher Foucault has enriched us with his ideas on various topics and an important one among them is his concept of governmentality. He discussed this topic of governmentality or government rationality through a series of lectures. Governmentality for Foucault simply meant ‘the conduct of conduct ‘, which can be simplified as an activity … Read more

DISCOURSE: In Relation To Postmodernism And Foucault’s Theory On Discourse

In simplest terms, discourse is to speak about something (course or matter) which makes sense. It’s a language to express one’s own ideas and opinions through whichever medium possible. That is either verbally (oral communication), or non- verbally which includes sign languages (semantics). Discourse can be defined as “a dynamic form of social practice which … Read more