The Sociology of Emotions: A Feminist Horizon of Symbolic Interactions

The Sociology of Emotions: One of the most prominent works on symbolic interactionism has been the theorization of human emotions. Arlie Russel Hochschild, one of the noted Sociologists in the field of emotions, is in fact considered the founder of a new sub-field in Sociology: the sociology of emotions. Through her books, The Managed Heart: … Read more

Pierre Bourdieu’s Capital Explained

A critical contribution to P. Bourdieu’s notion of “capital” Bourdieu’s development of the notion of “capital” has been proven a rich vein for the field of sociology and cultural theory. Capital has served as an important empirical and theoretical tool for the exploration of processes of embodiment and accumulation of knowledge and reproduction by agents … Read more

Social Medicine: A complementary to Medical science 

Decades ago being sick was a medical phenomenon and no other discipline had anything to intervene there. Medical Science engrossed this field. But during the 18th and 19th century, various other discipline started to intervene in the medical field. Public Health emerged to ensure peoples health rights and define risk factors, distribution, the pathogenesis of … Read more

Women Empowerment Through Higher Education in Odisha: Challenges and Prospects

Abstract  Women Empowerment has always been a burning issue in India. There have been numerous academic works carried by different researcher on this topic. However, this research work lies with the fact that it attempts to bring out the connection between women empowerment and higher education in the context of one of the most under a … Read more

INDIAN SOCIETY: Social Change and Reforms and Differences

‘The #metoo movement, the POSCO act brought in by the government, the rising tendencies of populist leaders around the world, The Independence of India, The French Revolution- are all social changes. These changes can carry values which are either binomial in nature (good or bad) or a mix of these values. Thus, we try to … Read more

Karl Polanyi: Biography, Contributions, The Great Transformation

Karl Polanyi was born on October 25, 1886, in the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna. He founded the Galileo circle at the University of Budapest and actively participated along with a group of intellectuals to emancipate the potential of Social Science which had an immense impact on the Hungarian intellectual life. In 1908, Polanyi … Read more

C. Wright Mills: Biography, Contributions, Conflict Theory

Charles Wright Mills was an American sociologist and a professor of sociology at the Columbia University; he was born in 1916 and died in 1962, living a life of 46 years. Mills was a known figure in the popular and intellectual journals; he wrote several books which highlighted several the relationships among the American elite … Read more