The Development of Sociology in the United States: Summary

Introduction: Awareness of social problems and the skepticism towards dominant policies set by the government caused the development of pre-sociological approaches. Tackling traditional approaches and policies resulted in the process of trying to understand the issues and its effects that were brought about. Even before the recognition of the father of sociology’s work, Auguste Comte, … Read more

Capitalism and Communism: A Comparative Analysis

Throughout history, various systems have been set to govern societies around the world. Capitalism and communism are the two most analyzed and debated systems that affect the economy and society in very different ways. They are concepts that can be analyzed through a multitude of disciplines. This paper attempts to draw a comparative analysis between … Read more

How to Get a Psychology Degree Online: A Beginners Guide

As technology advances throughout time, the options for earning a degree continue to become a lot more accessible and cheaper. The wide-ranging options for receiving a degree online are also opening up new and unique opportunities for people around the world. If you would like to receive a degree in Psychology and would like to … Read more