Ecological Anthropology: Meaning, Importance, Methodology

Ecological anthropology is a subfield or a branch in anthropology and in simple terms, it is the study of interactions between human beings and the environment they live in. The discipline studies the adaptations and interactions of humankind and the environment for a generation at times. Why is it an important discipline: It has become … Read more

The Social Contract Theory in Simple Language

This article will dive into the essence of the ‘Social Contract Theory’ according to three representatives, namely, are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and J.J.Rousseau. It is a short insight into the three thinkers which hopefully will get you into learning more about them! Primarily the social contract theory states that people live together in a … Read more

Human right violation: No end to Manual Scavenging in India?

HumanManual Scavenging in India

This article dives into the reality of manual scavenging, its implications and the failure of prevention since the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993 and other safeguards which ban it furthermore the article provides for simple solutions to fully stopping the occupation from existing however it faces some obstacles … Read more