What are the impacts of globalization in India? Explained

Globalization incorporates a huge impact on various aspects of people’s lives such as culture, social-economic, political, and community life. Ample theoretical studies proved that globalization intervenes in a cultural life of public that raises numerous critical issues (Robertson, 1992). In a broad sense, the term ‘globalization’ means a blend of economies and societies through cross … Read more

What is Elite Theory? Here’s the simple explanation

Elite is a value-free term inclusive of all who score high on scales of social values, power, wealth, or knowledge. Elite theory of political power nothing but the unequal distribution of resources, skills of leadership and power. This theory seeks to explain power relationships that are now seen in the modern-day era. Often negotiations between … Read more

Transgender Persons Act, 2019: Here’s why the law is considered unwelcoming

For years now the transgender community has been stigmatized for not fitting into the stereotypical categories of gender norms of the country. The face a variety of problems in their day-to-day lives ranging from social exclusion, discrimination, lack of awareness and education, physical and mental abuse, lack of livelihood opportunities and the list goes on. … Read more

Karl Marx’s Commodity fetishism – Explained with Example

Karl Marx is one of the most influential social thinkers of the 19th century and he is known as the architect of socialism and the champion of communism. Commodity Fetishism in Marx’s application of his analysis of the relationship between a commodity and society as a whole. Fetish was popularly used in the good old … Read more