From Trauma to Empathy: Interview with Author and Facilitator – Rita Bozi

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rita Bozi, a multidisciplinary creator with a diverse background in trauma facilitation, playwriting, acting, and dancing. Raised by Hungarian refugees, Rita draws on her personal experiences to inform her work as a Somatic Relational trauma and psychedelic-informed Facilitator. Her co-written play, “52 Pick Up,” was performed across the … Read more

An Interview with T. C. Weber: Exploring the Intersection of Writing, Ecology, and Activism

1. Tell us about your books. The War for Reality (Sleep State Interrupt, The Wrath of Leviathan, and Zero-Day Rising) In the BetterWorld near-future cyberpunk trilogy (available individually or in a compilation titled The War for Reality), a giant corporation (MediaCorp) has taken over the Internet, created an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, and controls … Read more

An Interview with Freeman Smith: Exploring the Layers of “Society, Suspicious”, and the Writing Journey

Freeman Smith is a unique and multifaceted American artist and writer, who has traversed the country, observing and experiencing its various cultures and subcultures. In his latest book, “Society, Suspicious,” Smith offers a bold and thought-provoking critique of American society, calling on us to choose between moving forward or regressing into an imaginary past. The … Read more

Inside ‘Squeeze Plays’ with Jeffrey Marshall: The Author’s Perspectives, Learnings, and Inspirations

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing author Jeffrey Marshall about his latest novel, “Squeeze Plays.” With a background in financial journalism, Marshall expertly weaves a tale of power, wealth, and corruption in the high stakes world of New York finance. His ability to create complex characters and craft compelling storylines makes Marshall’s work a … Read more