American vs Classical Liberalism: Definition, Examples, Thinkers

Liberalism is considered to be an ideology whereby liberty, equality before law and consent of government and equality before the law. This article mainly focuses on Classical Liberalism and Modern Liberalism and how they are different from one another. Classical Liberalism   Classical Liberalism is considered to be a political Ideology that propagates the concepts … Read more

Game theory: meaning, importance, types, and examples

In brief, game theory covers the analysis of “mathematical models of strategic interaction which has to be among the rational decision makers”, which has found its usage in all disciplines of social science, and also in subjects like logic, systems science, and computer science. Initially, this theory approached zero-sums games. In these games,  the losses … Read more

How to write ignou assignment? steps, tips to score well, examples

How to do ignou assignment? Procedure, steps, tricks and tips to score well, giving examples for content structure,. IGNOU ASSIGNMENT – BASIC GUIDELINES What is IGNOU? Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the name of a Central Open Learning University, established in 1985. The purpose of the Institution is to cater to the distance … Read more