10 Best Psychology Books for Students

What is the best book to learn psychology? Here are the 10 Best Psychology Books for Students Psychology is an interesting but dynamic discipline. Although it is relatively young, it encompasses a plethora of literature. There are comprehensive books to introduce you to various sub-fields of psychology. There are psychology books that deal with specific … Read more

10 Famous Psychologists and Their Contributions

Psychology as a field tries to understand how the ‘mind’ works. Over the years, many psychologists have given various theories to understand this unknown realm better. In the true spirit of Sigmund Freud, my selection process for the 10 most famous psychologists lacks any scientific method. These are just some of the most interesting theories … Read more

Patricia Hill Collins: Biography, Major Works, Black Feminist Thought

Patricia Hill Collins born to Albert Hill and Eunice Rudolph Hill on May 1st, 1948 in Philadelphia grew up in a middle-class family as an only child. She later works on the intersectionality between race, class, gender was influenced by her early childhood experiences of being the only African-American or first African-American woman in her … Read more

Citation Guide: APA, MLA and Chicago Styles and FAQs

In the world of copyright and anti-plagiarism laws, any writer’s or artist’s creative content today is better protected than ever before. However, this has also left many naive, well-meaning writers who derived inspiration from others’ work susceptible to plagiarism charges. Thus it becomes important to learn the proper way to give credit for references through … Read more

Sociology of Knowledge: What you need to know

The sociology of knowledge is a subfield of sociology which examines the social production of knowledge. It believes that knowledge and knowing are subjective to social positionality in terms of race, nationality, class, culture, gender, etc. It includes the entire field of knowledge, ideas, theories and mentalities to understand how groups and institutions come to … Read more

The Sociology of Gender: Overview

The sociology of gender is a subfield of sociology that concerns itself with masculinity and femininity, i.e., the social construction of gender, how gender interacts with other social forces and relates to the overall social structure. The field of study under gender sociology has diversified over the years and incorporated the feminist viewpoint. The starting … Read more