Methods of Research – AS and A Level Sociology Notes

Synopsis: This article covers associated sub-topics with respect to sociological research and its types. This includes the stages involved during the research process, various methods and tools related to the research topic and numerous ethical issues that the researcher might encounter. It also explores the difference between the sources of data collection that may suit … Read more

Haralambos & Holborn Sociology Themes And Perspectives

The Haralambos & Holborn Sociology Themes and Perspectives is a quite popular book. The first two editions were written by Michael Haralambos, who also contributed to the succeeding versions. Martin Holborn has co-authored the last six editions of Sociology: Themes and Perspectives and has extensive experience as a teacher, examiner, and author. The popularity of … Read more

Dumpster, for God’s Sake by Ben Stoltzfus: Book Review

The name of the story, ‘Dumpster,’ might provide some insight to the readers as to what it entails. However, the dumpster is just the surface value answer to the questions explored by Ben Stoltzfus. The book is filled with satirical comments in instances that can’t even be thought of generally. As soon as Reverend Newell … Read more

Socialisation and the Creation of Social identity: As & A Level Notes

The article defines Socialisation while covering the relation between an individual and the society, exploring the dimensions of social order and explaining the concepts of social identity and change. The fundamental idea of sociology is society. Therefore, understanding society is essential for a thorough grasp of sociology. In addition, society’s survival is entwined with that … Read more

Triskele by Barbara D’Amato – Book Review

Triskele literally means three legs and readers might be intrigued with the knowledge that this word is not explained till the end of the book. In the story named Triskele written by B. D’Amato we find ourselves face to face with some cruel realities this world has to offer. Even though it is written as … Read more


The book ‘Vivie’s Secret’ by Terry Lee Caruthers provides a grasping hold on the story that mainstreams the spontaneous statewide movement against the People’s Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies there. This debut book of the author chronicles the challenges faced by a young cat lover,  refugee, and  rescuer in the form of fiction. … Read more