17 Best Funny Sociology Major Memes

These are 17 best and funny sociology major memes!

sociology memes and template from vikram movie
Strain Theory memes
The Communist Manifesto was released in the form of a pamphlet in 1848, in London. It was created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It focused on the class struggle that existed in society between two classes- the capitalists and the proletariats. It also proposes that capitalism should be replaced by socialism. (Meme Credits: Saanjh Shekhar )
sociology concepts memes
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august comte memes
Auguste Comte described sociology as a positive science. Comte came up with three techniques to conduct scientific enquiry for sociology, and those include observation, experimentation and comparison. ( Meme Credits: Saanjh Shekhar)
sociologists memes
Sociological academic literature often runs the risk of over theorisation – which is using jargons and difficult terms that make the text esoteric and difficult to understand. The criticism for the language used in sociological theory is that it often is unable to make it seem accessible for everyone. Sociologists should aim at simplifying- yet not oversimplifying- their theories, to give them a better reach. (Meme Credits: Saanjh Shekhar)
bourgeoisie meme
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Thesis memes
Thesis, Antithesis and synthesis are important components of Karl Marx’s theory of historical materialism. He was influenced by Hegel when he developed this theory to understand how a society progresses in stages. The movement from one stage to another in society can be explained through these three. Thesis is the present state of society, antithesis is the reaction to it and the synthesis is the final outcome. ( Meme Credits: Saanjh Shekhar)
sociological imagination meme
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feminsts meme
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Marx on women labour
Meme Credits: Sakshi Raj
environmentalists vs eco capitalism memes
Meme Credits: Gopika
karl marx memes
In a capitalist society, two major classes exist- The bourgeoise and the proletariats. The bourgeoise control the means of production and exploit the proletariats who work for them and use their labour power to convert raw material to valuable goods. This meme is a critique on how the capitalists treat the worker class and deprive them of their basic rights in the process. They aren’t paid well, their working conditions are bad, and they are thus denied of all basic amenities ( Meme Credits: Saanjh Shekhar)
karl marx memes
Meme credits: Nivedita

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