Top Sociology Websites and Blogs in the World: Notes, A Level

Top Five Sociology Blogs catering to different niches of Sociology.

  1. Sociology Group

Sociology Group is a youth-led virtual learning platform. A student of sociology can check the website to find academic resources such as sociology notes, assignment help, tips on how to write, etc. If you are new to the discipline of sociology, a lot of topics and concepts can seem overwhelming and confusing. Paying a visit to Sociology Group can help you clarify many of those doubts. The articles uploaded on this platform will help you to clarify your smallest and the biggest doubts alike. Moreover, as a student this website will also help you greatly in completing your assignments by providing you with tips, frameworks, and examples to quote. 

Sociology Blogs

2. Everyday Sociology Blog

Everyday Sociology Blog enriches you to look at the world through a sociological lens. The content of the website deals with everything ranging from politics, religion, race, and inequality to pop culture. This blog is based in the United States; thus, some facts can vary in comparison to the Indian context.

3. The Sociological Life

The Sociological Life is a blog that makes you look at the world through the eyes of its author- Deborah Lupton. It is a space where you read about her perspectives and points of view on topics such as media, communication, culture, public health, etc. Going through the website you can also find her podcasts and published work.

4. Ways of Thinking

Ways of Thinking is the blog you visit when you want to take a deep dive into the world of sociology. This is purely an academic blog; whose main target audience is the teachers/professors of sociology. The author is a teacher himself and he shares how to teach sociology through his blog. Consider this blog as an elaborate lesson plan.

5. Creative Sociology

Creative Sociology is a blog page where you see the thoughts of the author- Todd Schoepflin- come to life. Through the medium of this blog, he shares his perspectives on fields of sociology, pedagogy, pop culture, musings, and absurdity. Going through the blog feels like having a conversation with the author where you both contemplate the world.

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Offer Tips to study/understand Sociological Theories

If you’re someone who is passionate about theory and academia, then you can have a blog where you post about the theoretical concepts of Sociology. Share tips and teach people Sociology and in return revise and sharpen your own sociological knowledge as well.

You should opt for a“Hardcore Sociology Blog”, because you:

  • Are enthusiastic about sociological theory, concepts, and debates and understand them.
  • Enjoy the world of academia.
  • Want to teach Sociology in its academic sense.
  • Help fellow scholars of Sociology.

Classical and contemporary theories are not a cup of tea for everyone. Hence, if you understand the theories of Sociology well, then do not back down to share them with your audience.

Application of Sociology in Everyday life

What fun is studying if you cannot apply it or observe it in the world around you? Reading only theory with no application can be disheartening and boring. This is where Sociology excels. Everything studied in Sociology can be utilized to understand the way any society functions.

You should opt for an “Applied Sociology Blog”, because you:

  • Want to get your nose out of the books and apply theory to reality.
  • Understand what’s happening around you better.
  • Wish to elaborate on the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’. 
  • Decode the world.

Henceforth, if you are able to see and locate how concepts like caste, gender, patriarchy, capitalism, etc. operate in the real world, share it with other people through the medium of your blog.

Finding Sociology all around you

As a scholar of Sociology, you have apt knowledge and understanding of the subject. One of the first things students of sociology learn is to adapt to “sociological imagination”. Being a sociologist, either as a beginner or a full-fledged one, allows you to look at the world differently.

You should opt for a “Reflective Sociology Blog”, because you:

  • Find sociology everywhere you look.
  • Want to promote un-learning and re-learning as a process to expand your horizons of interpreting information.
  • Look at the world as an interconnected whole.
  • Desire to share your views and interpretation on different matters.

A reflective sociology blog can include interpretations or reviews of the things around us such as movies, literature, media, etc. Therefore, if you’re someone who can locate multiple topics within the sociological debates then don’t shy away from posting your reviews for others to unearth a new perspective.

Facilitating Sociology for preparation of UPSC

In India, the Civil Services Exam or commonly known as the UPSC Exam is a very big deal. Every year lakhs of aspirants apply for this exam. One of the most popular optional subject chosen by the candidates of UPSC is the subject of Sociology.

You should opt for a “UPSC Sociology Blog” because you:

If you want to help students coming from different streams who approach sociology, then no amount of help is too big or too small. Thus, you can publish a blog whose sole purpose is to focus on the syllabus fixed by the UPSC for the Civil Services Exam.

Advantages of Reading a Sociology Blog

  1. Constant Revision 
  1. Learn more and Stay up to date
  1. Sharing Perspective
  1. Build a community
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