Pastoralism: Meaning, Origin and Criticism

Pastoralism is the branch of agriculture that emphasizes the development of farm animals. Animal husbandry is a popular term in which animals like cow, camel, goats are taken care with cattle and other necessities to earn better agriculture results. It is a process which involves the movement of herds for grazing and water just like nomads. Nomads also have a random movement originating from any place to end at any place, it also signifies the same.

pastoralism concept

Pastoralism is a great strategy to withstand the land with minimum resources and making it an efficient land for lifestyle. For example, when there is enough amount of grazing stock and water, all farm animals gather to make the maximum use of the situation but on contrast situation when the resources are low, farm animals scatter from places to places so that no animal starve and there is the equilibrium in bio-diversity. Many parts of the world have a different kind of lands and grasses, so every part of the world perform a different kind of Pastoralism according to climate and resources.


Pastoralism is originated from the word Mixed farming which accounts for re-utilization of resources, enhancing irrigation practices in villages. For example in the modern world where the running of cars at a continuous rate will account for global warming, car pulling and public transport have come to aid for this haphazard condition. The same is the case with Pastoralism where people yearn for maximum usage from minimum resources. It was observed that this branch of agriculture developed with changing times.


It enables the ability to live a sustainable life because it shows how to bear harsh situations and not waste resources. But Hardin was opposite to the fact and in his research work he mentioned that the land used by pastoral eventually gets into the trap of soil erosion. For example, if the land is cultivated rigorously then there are high chances of it becoming un-cultivated in near future. For example, he proved his research by the way the Sahel zone of Africa was in the depletion mode because of continuous degradation of land.

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