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Neha Bhosle AIR 15, 2019

Akshat Kaushal AIR 55, 2017

Tusharanshu Sharma AIR 75, 2014

Kshitij Tyagi AIR 148, 2011

Mahapatra Sir Notes


These are Some Important Books for Sociology Optional MAINS Preparation

( These are Important Books for Optional Preparation so choose your books wisely and according to your comfort, we suggest you to cover full syllabus with easy material and revise the same material multiple times)

Some important suggestions for sociology optional preparation

  1.  Do answer writing practise daily
  2.  Study less, Think more and Revise more
  3.  Its never too late to learn sociology and digest it ( Optional preparation takes 3 months )
  4.  Prepare Current affairs for Sociology Optional

Sociology Quiz Online

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What is the End Goal of Sociology?

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