Cultural Diffusion : Definition, Elements and Characteristics

what is culture and culture diffusion Culture or Cultural diffusion is simultaneous and is such a process which cannot be stopped, as it is not an act which people do consciously; it is a process of showing the way to development, and human is created with an intention to get developed. Culture is defined as … Read more

What is Neocolonialism – Explained with Examples

neocolonialism  In the era of 15th to 20th-century colonialism, the practice was observed in the world. Colonialism is setting up colonies in developing countries by power and afterwards exploiting them for their benefits. In those time European countries have sought control over many African and Asian countries. What is Neo? For example, India was politically … Read more

Gender Stratification: Meaning and Overview

Gender stratification Stratification has always existed in our society but earlier the economic and caste barrier were considered as major reasons, but later on, female sociologists tactfully showed how gender equally plays an important role in stratifying our society. The females were abused and were underclass level stratification but afterwards, it occupied a different category. … Read more