What is Sampling and Methods of Sampling

The population within a sample is known as a sampling frame, i.e. for example:- a village of 50 individuals, it experiments with a change then it is considered as a sampling frame. The population from which the sampling frame is taken or chosen is known as parent population. The village of 50 individuals, in the … Read more

Sociological Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Research methods and analysis of sociology dealt with techniques to obtain information in a vivid form. Research is carefully observing patterns for searching for new facts or terms in any kind of subject. For example, there are several research centers for obtaining new results for better performance, say Bhabha Atomic Research center which specializes in … Read more

Sampling: Meaning, Types, Factors Affects, and Procedure

Sampling is studied in the probability section of mathematics. Likewise in the research method sampling plays an important role. It is clearly evident that not whole population can be involved in any observation. Thus according to the demand and process involved, a certain amount of people are taken and it is called sampling. W.G Cochran … Read more