Sociological Interview : The process of interview (methodology) and Types

The primary purpose of sociological research is to investigate and provide insights into how human society functions. Sociologists use empirical evidence and theoretical foundation providing an interpretive perspective and combine it using the scientific method to present proper results of the research. A Sociologist begins by asking questions about human behavior and Society. An in-depth … Read more

What is Total Design Method in Survey Methods

Dillman says that both mail and telephone surveys are considered as the “stepchildren” of survey research and not as valuable as interview studies. He formulated something called the “Total Design Method” which enables the mail and telephonic surveys to achieve their full potential. There are two parts to the TDM; they are (a) a theoretical … Read more

Introduction to Sociology Statistics, Examples and Overview

The Introduction: The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term “statistics” as “a branch of mathematics which deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data.” The definition is very apt in what needs to be conveyed. The field of mathematics has a very strong influence on the statistical analysis of data. It … Read more

What is Projective Method in Research

PROJECTIVE METHOD: This is the method of data gathering through doll play, picture interpretation or sentence completion, which can be used with both children and adults. It is used as a means to draw out the respondent’s inner feelings when a direct question is inappropriate or when the true purpose of the study cannot be … Read more