Interview with Dr. Christina Jackson: Insights into Sociology, Activism, and the Journey Ahead

Short Bio: Dr. Christina Jackson, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Stockton University, specializes in urban sociology, social welfare, and inequality from sociological and public health perspectives. Beyond academia, she’s an engaged scholar-activist, facilitating and consulting with community partners and creative groups on topics like anti-violence, gentrification, housing, food justice, and racial justice. She’s co-authored … Read more

Interview with Thomas Avant, Author of Damaged People: Narcissism and the Foundation of a Dysfunctional American Society

Author Thomas Avant’s book, “Damaged People: Narcissism and the Foundation of a Dysfunctional American Society,” published in December 2020, masterfully combines personal memoir and scholarly analysis to delve into the pervasive issue of narcissism. Avant examines the far-reaching impact of narcissism on individuals and society as a whole, explores the root causes and various manifestations … Read more

“Author Spotlight: An Interview with Diane Meyer Lowman, the Writer of The Undiscovered Country: Seeing Myself Through Shakespeare’s Eyes”

Diane is an award-winning essayist, memoirist, and poet. She served as Westport, CT’s inaugural Poet Laureate from 2019 to 2022. Her essays have appeared in numerous publications, including O, The Oprah Magazine; Brain, Child; and Brevity Blog. She also writes a regular column titled ‘Everything’s an Essay.’ Her first memoir, ‘Nothing But Blue,’ was published … Read more

Discovering the Poetry of Lindsey Martin-Bowen: ‘The Book of Frenzies’ Uncovered

Short Bio: Lindsey Martin-Bowen teaches Criminal Law and Procedure (online) at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon from January 2019 through June 2022. Until August 2018, she taught writing, literature, and Criminal Law at MCC-Longview and taught literature and writing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City 18 years. The BOOK of FRENZIES is her … Read more

Exploring ‘Harvest’: An In-Depth Interview with Professor Emeritus Richard Scharine

Short Bio: Richard Scharine was born in the back room of a Wisconsin farmhouse, went to a one room grade school, and rode a school bus 52 miles to high school. He is currently a professor emeritus in the University of Utah theatre department, where his honors include University Professor, University Diversity Award, and College … Read more