I Was Dying…Then I Changed My Mind: A Conversation with Güngör Buzot

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Güngör Buzot, author of “I Was Dying…Then I Changed My Mind.” Born in Turkey, Güngör earned her pharmacy degree in Istanbul before becoming a mother of two multilingual children and grandmother to two more. However, her health struggles with prescription drugs persisted for much of her life, until … Read more

From Trauma to Empathy: Interview with Author and Facilitator – Rita Bozi

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rita Bozi, a multidisciplinary creator with a diverse background in trauma facilitation, playwriting, acting, and dancing. Raised by Hungarian refugees, Rita draws on her personal experiences to inform her work as a Somatic Relational trauma and psychedelic-informed Facilitator. Her co-written play, “52 Pick Up,” was performed across the … Read more

An Interview with Terry Lee Caruthers, Author of Vivie’s Secret

Recently, we interviewed author Terry Lee Caruthers about her book – Vivie’s Secret 1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?   Compassionate / Tenacious / Fair-minded  2. As a reviewer of your book, I felt emotionally connected to the story, especially with Vivie. The story ends with the … Read more