Falguni Pathak: The Dandiya Queen and A Queer Icon

Indian singer and composer Falguni Pathak is prominent for her musical compositions, mainly her music based on traditional Gujrati folk music making her also known as the Dandiya Queen. Dandiya is a traditional dance performed primarily in western India prominently in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is performed mainly during the Hindu festival, … Read more

Feminism Today

“I’m not like other girls.” “Stop being such a girl.” “Man up!” Why is it that even today, in the 21st century, women tend to hide their feminine traits in order to be taken seriously? Why is it that being “girly” is considered an insult? For centuries now, men have enjoyed supremacy over women. The … Read more

Undoing Invisibility: A Review of Feminist Anthropology

Feminist anthropology is an anthropological approach which primarily critiques the century-old phenomena of anthropological bias. It specifically critiques the euro-centric, heteronormative and patriarchally oriented bias (Anderson, 2012). It wishes to encourage the inclusivity of women (and other minorities) in the practice of anthropology. It also promotes the need to acknowledge the subjectivity of the experiences … Read more