Economic Sociology: Origin, Development,Theories, and Concepts

As introduced and defined by Durkheim and Weber, ‘economic sociology’ refers to “the application of frames of reference, variables and explanatory models of sociology to that of complex of activities which is concerned with the production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of scarce goods and services.” In simpler words, economic sociology can be defined as “the … Read more

Urban Sociology: An Overview

Definition: Urban sociology is a branch of sociology that seeks to study life in cities and their impact on society’s development (“Concepts of Urban” n.d.). The scope of urban sociology includes research on urban ecology, urban organization and the mode of living of urban populations. Introduction: Urban, Urbanism and Urbanization An urban area can be … Read more

Environmental Sociology: Emergence, Theories, Scope, Contributions

Environmental sociology can be defined as the field of sociology that deals with the interactions of societies and their natural and built environments. Emergence of Environmental Sociology By the mid-1970s, sociologists had become aware and sensitized towards the reality of environmental issues. But this required a reappraisal of previously held sociological assumptions such as the … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Children: The Individual Versus The State

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having children. These could be classified as economic, psychological, social and physical. The numerous benefits and costs are further influenced by many factors such as the type of country one resides in, what religious norms they follow and what culture and social setting they belong to. Advantages Of … Read more

What is Applied Sociology? Definition, Origin and Overview

Defining Applied Sociology:  “The means and methods for artificial improvement of social conditions, on the part of man and society as conscious and intelligent agents.” -the term ‘applied sociology’ has been the most general and oldest way of identifying this definition given by Lester F. Ward in 1903. It utilizes “sociological knowledge and research skills” … Read more