What are the Basis, Composing Elements and Aims of Society

Society is composed of a group of people, of those having common interest. Generations of society spent decades together; they do not get separated, unless and until they are subjected to any condition which cannot be solved, by being remained as, members of one society. Society forms norms and condition for itself and hence it is restricted according to those rules, norms, and conditions, given by the particular society to itself; also accordingly, is conferred with special privileges.

It can be, thus, concluded that the society is a sort of permanent society it follows the federal structure; in it, people are joined together, by an agreement

Definition of society is explained by various sociologists; besides, bases of the formation of those societies are also given by different sociologist. Many sociologists have given different theories, but one theory which is worldwide accepted divides society into three parts, which is the basis of formation various societies

These bases are given as:-

  • Biological factor
  • Social factors
  • Socio-culture factors

No society forms with prior consideration of rules, norms, restriction, and conditions, expected to be imposed on the member of that society. Once the society is done, with its completion, with its rules and norms then, above factor do various modifications on that society

Biological factor: – Biological factor is the factor which changes and modifies the society in many ways and in significant ways. Biological factors change the quality and quantity of population. Quantity of population is numbers of the member of that society. The quality of the population is what finally determines the growth rate of the country. Quality of population is controlled by the process of selection; this selection is of two types

  • Natural selection
  • Social selection

Social factors: – Social factors influence society the most as society is restricted by the people of that society. Those restrictions are the very base to distinguish between two different societies, without those restriction, norms, condition, rule and regulation people of that society get started, to live without discipline, these causes lose of harmony and reputation of that society. Thus, those regulation and other rules are bounding are very strict, which are most, to be followed by that society.

Socio-culture factor: – This is the factor which controls both the biological and social factors. If compared to a human body, the cultural part is the skeletal structure of the body and social factor can be compared to muscles, ligaments, and nerves of the body, which forms the functional and dynamic structure of the body.

Aim of the society is very clear. It is a very old proverb that, “strength lies in being united” this proverb, somehow, explains only a part of the reason to form a society. Further, to fully understand the aim, we have to refer constitutional liberties; which are much more than enough, required by an individual to spent his life freely. These liberties may lead to such actions which can be considered as in-disciplinary acts thus society is formed with such rules that everyone can be followed without losing one’s sovereignty, and by increasing integrity and fraternity among members.

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