Sociology of Disability – What you need to know

This article provides an overview of how the study of disability came to be including the ever-evolving field of Sociology of Disability in the United States. It explains the two main perspectives of disability and delves deeper into more nuanced paradigms. Finally, this article takes a closer look at disability rights movements that are relevant … Read more

Sociology 101: Ethnography of public space

I am at a public park in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, at around 6:00 p.m. Across the street from the side entrance is Edward R. Murrow High School. Most students have gone, but some are sitting on the ground in the parking lot adjacent to the school. Inside the park, there is a … Read more

Sociology of Language: Theories and Examples

Synopsis: This article explores the cultural significance of language in society. The article then discusses language as a form of cultural capital and the ways in which different groups of people experience language, as well as how language influences quality of life. Finally, the article discusses ways in which marginalized communities empower themselves through reclaiming … Read more

Sociology of Money: Explained in Simple Words

Synopsis: This article discusses the traditional economic understanding of money and then expands to the lesser-understood social-cultural dimensions. The article describes market-based economies and some of the societal challenges associated. Through this article, readers are invited to re-think Capitalism as we know it and to challenge the notion that what we have now is our … Read more

What is meant by Late Capitalism ? Explained with Examples

Synopsis: This article defines Capitalism and more specifically context to Late-Capitalism. It explains the ways the features and some examples in which Late-Capitalism shows up in contemporary society. It touches on some of the consequences that Late-Capitalism has had on individuals, communities and the world.  What is Late-Capitalism? The phrase “Late-Capitalism” is a common word … Read more