The Sociology of Artificial Intelligence: Explained

The Sociology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the application of machine intelligence techniques to social phenomena (Bainbridge et al, 1994). It includes methods of analysing social data that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further its work. With the advent of AI and consequent development, sociologists have engaged in the implementation of the same to understand … Read more

Dalit Capitalism: A Brief History

With the advent of globalisation and new economies of desire, when the Indian subcontinent witnessed the process of nation-building and emerging capitalism, caste became a prominent subject of discussion for scholars, historians and activists. Legally and politically, the historically marginalised communities who formed the bulk of Indian proletariats were gradually claiming their spaces and rights. … Read more

Sociology of the Internet: What you need to Know

Sociology of the Internet is one of the youngest sub-disciplines of Sociology. Digital Sociology is another relational sub-field which almost deals with similar sociological aspects. The term first appeared in 2009 in an article written by Wynn (Digital Sociology: emergent technologies in the field of the classroom) and later in 2013, a purely academic book … Read more