Lev Vygotsky’s Socio Cultural theory: Explained with Examples

Lev Vygotsky is credited with setting up the framework for sociocultural theory. The objective of sociocultural theory is to understand how an individual’s mental functioning is tied to their culture, history and the institutes they have been a part of. The sociocultural view of the world focuses on the roles that human interactions and culturally … Read more

Globalisation Theories: World System, Modernisation, Dependency

Introduction – What is globalisation? International trade has been around for centuries and while globalisation may feel like a modern concept, changes across borders have happened ever since. Silk and spice trade routes in East Asia, which originated in the first century BCE, brought diverse civilizations and linked various nations’ economies. In the 1500s, the … Read more

What is Racism? 4 Types of Racism- Explained with Examples

When an individual’s race is the grounds for any form of oppression, the resulting actions are ‘racist’ in nature. When this oppression or prejudice is widespread and targeted at particular ethnic groups, it is referred to as ‘Racism’. This is not to be confused with discrimination, specifically because oppression takes into account power – wherein … Read more

A critique of the Dependency Theory and evaluating its applicability to Egypt’s Industrialisation post World War I.

In International Political Economy, there are opposing theoretical viewpoints on the issue of global disparities and the North-South split. Dependency theory, which originated in the 1950s in response to modernization theory, is one of these conflicting theoretical views. Given the complexities of the contemporary world order conditioned by the emergence of neoliberal globalisation, the paper … Read more

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in Social Movements – Women Empowerment

Role of the Brahmo Samaj in social movements aimed at improving the position of Women in Bengal The position of women in society as a topic of discussion can more often than not, be summarised into one single word – abysmal. The overwhelming presence that patriarchal societies possess, across the globe is arguably the first … Read more