The Principal Organs of the United States : Summary

The Principal organs of the United Nations General Assembly Security Council Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice Secretariat   1.The General Assembly: The General Assembly consists of all the members of the united nations.Each member state has one vote only.The General Assembly meets once a year, but it may also meet in special … Read more

Short Note on Bio Technology – Its Applications and Theories

BIO TECHNOLOGY: The use of living organisms&living process in engineering,technology, medicine & other fields come under applicative part of biology. Applications  1.theraptics 2.Diagnostics 3.genetically modified crop based agriculture 5.waste treatment 6.Energy production Research of biotechnology-Down stream process technologies to purify the protein/organic compound. Similar terms to modern uses –genetic engineering &cell &tissue culture technologies … Read more

How Insects Takes Oxygen – Interesting – Scientific Facts

In insects, blood vascular system is of open type, but in Humans, it is of closed type in insects blood vascular system comprises large cavity – Haemocoel. is filled with blood in that all organs will bath. Respiratory pigment -Haemoglobin is absent so blood is white in color. This absence is compensated by the tracheal system…is … Read more