The Principal Organs of the United States : Summary

The Principal organs of the United Nations General Assembly Security Council Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice Secretariat   1.The General Assembly: The General Assembly consists of all the members of the united nations.Each member state has one vote only.The General Assembly meets once a year, but it may also meet in special … Read more

Mineral Wealth Industries and Agriculture of the Mediterranean region

MINERAL WEALTH OF MEDITERRANEAN REGION 1)Bauxite is mined in France. 2)Italy is the world leader in the production of mercury. 3)Iron ore is mined in Algeria and coal,molybdenum,lead and zinc are mined in Turkey. 4)Copper is mined in Spain. 5)The statuary marbles of Carrara in Italy are world famous. 6)Petroleum from California (Signal-Hill,California) is the … Read more

Short Note on Bio Technology – Its Applications and Theories

BIO TECHNOLOGY: The use of living organisms&living process in engineering,technology, medicine & other fields come under applicative part of biology. Applications  1.theraptics 2.Diagnostics 3.genetically modified crop based agriculture 5.waste treatment 6.Energy production Research of biotechnology-Down stream process technologies to purify the protein/organic compound. Similar terms to modern uses –genetic engineering &cell &tissue culture technologies … Read more