Online Social Sciences Writing Competition 2023 by the Sociology Group

Are you a budding intellectual? On the lookout for a space where you can indulge in your curiosity, express your love for the liberal arts and share your ideas for a revolutionary vision of the social sciences throughout all streams of knowledge?  Well, look no further because Sociology Group, an organisation that strives to promote … Read more

An Interview with Lorenzo DeStefano, Author of “House Boy”

1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Engaged, inquisitive, empathetic. 2. The book “House Boy” delves into powerful themes of poverty, exploitation, and human trafficking. What inspired you to tackle these particular themes in your debut novel? Many years ago I became fascinated by the way the caste … Read more

An Interview with Daisy DeMay, Author of The Cost of Living

Short Bio- Daisy DeMay lives in Illinois with her children and husband of 25yrs. She loves sitting and watching the storms roll in. She enjoys reading outside in the warmth of the sun. When she’s not working, she creates stories to share. She has a fascination with the macabre. She approaches everything in life with … Read more

An Interview with Cate McNider, Author of Escape Velocity

Short Bio: Cate McNider is a multi-disciplinary artist, and a psychophysical practitioner and movement educator registered as The Listening Body®. Since arriving in NYC in 1985, she has expressed her healing journey through poetry, multi-media movement performances and painting. She has performed her multi-media works in downtown venues and Brooklyn, and exhibited her paintings in … Read more

An Interview with Umar Siddiqui, Author of Candid About Couture

1. Could you explain the main idea behind “Candid About Couture” and how you use fashion in your life? Can you share a personal story that inspired you to explore the connection between fashion and culture? Fashion transcends the idea of a single theme or single story; it has idiosyncrasies and nuances we should examine, … Read more

Interview with Malve von Hassell, Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life

Short Bio: Malve von Hassell was born in Italy and spent part of her childhood in Belgium and Germany before moving to the United States. She is a freelance writer, researcher, and translator. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the New School for Social Research. Working as an independent scholar ( website- Complicated, … Read more