Primary and Secondary Sources in Research and Examples

Primary and Secondary sources: Researchers conduct researches to validate a phenomenon that they have observed, and this helps develop theories, provide factual evidence and expand human knowledge. Research exists and is conducted across all domains, and as each field is different from the other, there is no singular structure that is cemented. It is up … Read more

Social Change: Definition, Characteristics, Causes, Types, and Examples

Humans are social beings. We exist in a social world and observe norms, rules and traditions that are all social constructs. Therefore social change is a concept that is threaded to the very root of society. Similar to the Earth completing a strenuous rotation around the Sun every year, society undergoes social change. It shapes … Read more

Social institutions: Definition, Characteristics, Types, Examples

What are social institutions? Societies are an abstract concept but it is universally agreed upon that a society is built up of certain norms, rules and traditions that maintain social order and stability. These norms and rules are required. They form gradually over consensus and are always subject to change depending on the people that … Read more

Psychodynamic Theory ( Approach ): All you need to know

Introduction: The psychodynamic approach, often called the psychoanalytic theory, understands and examines personality and behaviour in terms of the unconscious psychological processes that take place. Many researchers have heavily criticised the approach for not having substance or empirical evidence to back up their claims, nonetheless, it has played a significant role in the development and … Read more

The Impact of Video Sharing Applications like Tiktok, Reels on Society

Synopsis: TikTok emerged out of two apps- and Douyin. Post its introduction to the US and Global market it has impacted every corner of society from politics to mental health to the music industry. Some of these are positive while some are very harmful. The success of TikTok meant the introduction of similar applications … Read more