What is Communalism, How to curb it and safeguards

What is Communalism Communalism is a narrow, divisive and aggressive attitude on the part of a group to the detriment of other groups.They Look upon each other with a sense of suspicion and hatred. Communalism of one variety feeds on communalism of other varieties.Religious orthodoxy and fanaticism provide the ground on which the tendency of communalism stands … Read more

National Stock Exchange of India: Short Notes

National Stock Exchange new of india

The National Stock Exchange is a Stock Exchange located at Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. It is the 9th Largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization and largest in India by daily turnover and number of trades, for both equities and derivatives trading.NSE has a market capitalization of around US$1.59 Trillion and over 1,552 … Read more

What is Air pollution and Report

what is Air pollution Air Pollutants Gases which are presented in the atmosphere making air pollution, Pollutant in the sense polluting something especially atmosphere. So what are Gases which are causing Air Pollution? Hydrocarbons (HC) Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Carbon monoxide (CO) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Hazardous air pollutants (toxics) Greenhouse gases. Above Gases occurring in the … Read more