Media Representation and Effects – AS & A level Sociology Notes

This article deals with the understanding of the concept of media representation and the effect it has upon the society. The article proceeds with observing how the axes of social division like class, ethnicity, gender, age are represented by media. The models of media effects are also discussed in the article  along with understanding how … Read more

Relevance of Max Weber in the Contemporary Times – Essay

Max Weber, without any doubt is an indelible thinker in Sociology who entered into the field through law and became one of the founding fathers of the discipline. The world celebrates his work till date as his theories and concepts has a deep imprint in the interpretation of the society. Weber’s works are crystal clear … Read more

Media: Ownership and control of media – AS and A Level Notes

Media is a universal channel of sending and receiving information since time immemorial. There are a lot of aspects related to media that has kept it relevant so far by exposing it to the fruit  of technology. This paper will deal with media to understand its journey from traditional media to new media, theories of … Read more

What is Modernization? Causes, Importance, Pros and Cons

Change is the only constant in the society and ‘Modernization’ is a continuous process that depicts social change. This process deals with the modern ways of life by adoption of modern values so that people could adapt to the changing society. Modernization could be equated with the development of science and technology that has remarkably … Read more