Communication Theories in Media- Gatekeeping, Interactionalim, Political Economy

Evolution in any industry is inevitable, and so it has happened in the media. Forms of communication through which the audience consumes their news has been changing rapidly, but there has been a constant framework of theories outlining the process by which information reaches the masses. This framework consists of certain communication theories that help … Read more

A Dalit Woman’s Dues: Oppression in Inter-Caste Marriages

Abstract Arguably at the lowest rung of the established social hierarchy, Dalit women are often forced to endure extreme trials and tribulations. Their troubles manifest themself even when they supposedly gain upward social mobility, marrying into a caste that is higher than them. With more educational and socio-economic opportunities than ever before, there has been … Read more

Education For All? Analysing Social Mobility and Academic Inequalities in India

India is burdened by distinct, rigid social hierarchies that mark almost all bureaucracies and institutions in the country, of which academia is certainly not an exception. For the longest time, the popular discourse has been that schooling and education in general, bring about certain benefits that ensure a secure route to upward social mobility (Froerer, … Read more

Sociology of Childhood: Significance, Social Construction, Examples

Childhood is a significant period in the lives of most individuals, and it is generally considered to be a natural biological stage of development that heavily influences one’s thoughts, ideas and attitudes. This article will mainly discuss the period of childhood from a sociological perspective, focusing on the notion of childhood as believed by society. … Read more

Sociological Theories of Entrepreneurship (Summary) : Examples

The field of entrepreneurship can be traced back to the industrial revolution, where entrepreneurial activity marked the rise of innovation, eventually promoting social change all over the world. This article will discuss the sociological perspective on entrepreneurship as a whole by analyzing two major approaches, a) Classical Approach and b) the Modern Approach. The classical … Read more