Twentieth-century witnessed increased participation of women in the labor force, post industrial revolution. However, the absence of access to higher education for women was a major hurdle for them to get access to well-paid respectable jobs. The observed increased participation of women in the labor force led to an industrial boom in the 20th century … Read more

What are Human Rights? History, Types and Examples

The understanding of certain fundamental rights being inherently granted to an individual based on their characteristic of being a human being are ‘human rights’. Human rights are the moral values that empower individuals to live with equality, freedom, dignity, justice, and peace. The grant of these values is beyond the intersectionalities of race, class, color, … Read more

Labor Laws in India: All you need to Know

The economic history of India relying on agriculture was primarily based on the zamindari system enforcing a labor-employer class hierarchy. Criticized by political philosophers such as Karl Marx the class hierarchy between the bourgeoisie and proletariat is the hurdle to an equal, just and developed society. Labors in India have a history of being deprived … Read more