what is the concept of dowry in the society

DOWRY:– It is a fixed amount of money which basically sales a boy in the name of marriage and it is also a sum of money which guarantees safeguard of one’s daughter. It is a reason, due to which a mother gets ready to kill her daughter, a mother who keeps a child in his womb for 9 months, a mother whose name is taken before the name of God, a mother who is also worshiped like god by her children,  such goddess-comparable-mother gets ready to kill her daughter before her birth.

dowry concept

It is a reason due to which a daughter to her father and a sister to her brother becomes a burden. This is just a definition; the crimes for dowry can even shiver the soul of the listener. Max Radin has defined dowry as the property, which a man receives from his wife or her family at the time of his marriage. It is a culture which can not be changed because dowry is not taken by the family of a bridegroom, it is the family of the bride which offers a dowry. Those who are capable of giving dowry they give; and those who are not, live in a depression and loads that they still have a burden from which they have to get rid-off for the sake of love, for their daughter.

One of the causes of dowry is the desire and aspiration of every parent to marry his daughter in a higher and a rich family to keep up or to add to his prestige and also to prove comforts and security to the daughter. The amount of dowry depends on the nature of the boy’s occupation, education of the girl and that of the boy, girl’s working and her salary and mostly on girl’s beauty.

No trend is initiated with a wrong intention. It becomes wrong when it spread and crosses from different parts of the world. Dowry, when started, was not like what it is today. This trend was started with an act of giving gifts to daughter and in order to show respect to in-law family, they are offered with gifts and sometimes also with money but with time, the greed of people increases and this noble and pure act became a burden of a father and brother.

Many people give and take dowry only because their parents and ancestors had been practicing it. This practice of taking and providing dowry is so prevalent that parents now don’t want a girl child and kills her before her birth. If we talk about the census then nearly 10 million female fetuses have been aborted in the country over the past two decades. In New Delhi, the statistics stand at 821 girls against 1000  boys in 2001.

In Hindus, marriage in the same caste and sub-caste has been prescribed by the society and to select a mate is always restricted and the employed young boys who have high salaried jobs or promising careers in the profession are in demand in each and every family which lead to the rise in the cost of a dowry.

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